Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dialogue from Ray Pastora

Dialogue from Ray Pastora!

(as presented on WFMD am930 last week)

I am an adopted son of this great Republic. I proudly took the oath of citizenship on July 5th, 1985 and have been a proud American ever since. My family came to this country to escape Marxism and Leninism that was taking hold and strangling my native land. I have personally experienced government oppression based on class warfare and an assault on liberty.

My grandfather was a doctor in a small village who owned a small and very productive ranch. Marxists came and seized his land right after the Nicaraguan Revolution. He was labeled as bourgeoisie and put under arrest. I remember being a child and standing outside of the jail he was being held in the hopes that my family would be permitted to see him. He was an old man at the time and was put under house arrest under the guard of a child with a machine gun. This is how he died and I was never able to see him again.

I understand oppressive government. I understand the assault on liberty and freedom. Our Founding Fathers understood the frailty of freedom and how government needs to be structured to protect it. They created a Republic because of the understanding that Democracies inevitably fail.

What was the beauty of this new Republic? It was governed by a Constitution that was created not to control its citizens, but to put shackles on government in order to prevent tyranny. The Constitution created a system of checks and balances to protect any naked grab for power. But what has happened over the course of the last 100 years?

Our elected officials have abandoned the limits of the Constitution. The limits placed on the branches of government are being ignored and our public officials scoff at the idea of justifying their actions.

Naked disregard for our Constitution is the greatest threat to our individual liberty and freedom. Our Constitution is under assault by the executive and legislative branches of government. It's a process that isn't new, but is now no longer being masked. Questions of Constitutionality get deflected or laughed at or dismissed.

So now our country is at a crossroads. Do we run to the safety of a government that promises to solve all our problems while we give up our personal choice, or do wish to restore our freedom and liberty by freeing ourselves from the shackles of an obese Federal government.

There's a hard tyranny, like the one followed by Marxists and who were instrumental in the death of my grandfather. Then there is soft tyranny. Soft tyranny removes the freedom of basic and everyday choices from our lives as citizens without the threat of a gun to our head. Government currently controls banking, transportation, education, energy, student loans, and is in the process of seeking more power by taking over healthcare.

We are currently experiencing soft tyranny.

So is there hope? Is there an end to the mess we are in?

The one hope is the American people. While progressives deride the American people and insult everyday citizens with accusations of stupidity, the American people are proving the opposite. The American people are a sleeping giant that has awakened. All one has to do is look at the questions that Americans are asking at town halls and at protests. The arguments aren't about the policies, but are about the Constitutionality of the legislation and actions of our government. They're arguing with progressivism head on with words such as Constitution, freedom, liberty, and personal responsibility.

American citizens are devouring books on our Founding Fathers. They are organizing in groups like We Surround Them and educating themselves on Article 1, Section 8 of The Constitution. They are standing up to politicians and questioning the role of government and are fighting back against the rise of the nanny state.

We know as a people that our liberty is under threat.

We hunger for freedom. We seek to shake the shackles of tyranny and seek to restore our glorious Republic to it's Constitutional roots. November 2010 is only the beginning! We as a people will not be bamboozled anymore by politicians who claim to be for small government and waive around their pocket Constitutions while they vote in blatant disregard of that Constitution.
So I stand next to you, my fellow citizens. I stand next to you as an adopted son, willing to lead this restoration, for I have tasted tyranny and refuse to see it take root in my country! We are at the beginning of this Restoration and we will have liberty!

A government that has the power to give you everything you want has the power to take from you everything you need.

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